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Monday, April 16

Catching Up

April 16, 2012 Posted by Vaire

Wow! Look at the time! In March I had intended to blog more regularly in April. Obviously, that didn't happen despite, and because of being busy.

In computer news.

My new iMac that I bought last May blew it's hard drive again in the beginning of April (it all started in December). I've been thinking it over and decided to take it to the store and demand my money back because it's less than a year old and unusable. I have also decided never to buy another iMac ever again. They are way too heavy for me to constantly shlep back and forth when something goes wrong.

The plan is to buy a new 2012 model of 15" MacBook Pro when they come out; with the money I have saved and with the money I'll get back. The store is not going to be happy about it, but they (and Apple) have to honour the one year warranty on parts.

In flat news.

I have narrowed down the area I want to move to to RĂ¥sunda. It will mean leaving my beloved island corner, but, it's a good area, quiet, close to work, with old houses. It also has excellent public transport connections. I found a perfect flat in there and talked to the bank about a loan. The bank said that I have to sell my current flat first. That takes at least three weeks, and there is no guarantee I'll find a buyer the first go around. That in it's turn means that unless my dream flat won't sell during those three (or more) weeks, I won't get it.

I have decided to go ahead with selling my flat anyway and meanwhile keep looking for other flats in RĂ¥sunda. The dream flat has one fatal flaw: it's going to be on a major pedestrian route to and from the new National Stadium in Solna. The noise is going to be unbearable during a big football match (all those 50 000 fans going past my house) honking the horns, yelling, fighting, "singing".

No thanks. The flat may be perfect (oh that kitchen!) but I'm probably going to be just as miserable there as I'm here due to all that noise that I want to move away from. So, I've decided not to mourn not getting this dream flat, but keep looking and hopefully, I'll find another dream flat in a quieter area before I have to move out of here.

Today, the real estate agent and photographer are coming to take the shots for the ad on Hemnet. I've been preparing the flat whole weekend, boxing things up, moving things around, making a new sofa, spackling the scratches Juku made on the wall, and screw holes for curtain rods, and cleaning.

I intend to get rid of a few big things during the big spring cleaning day this coming Sunday. The association has rented out our grovsoprum, so we have to wait for spring or autumn cleaning days to get rid of big things that don't go out with ordinary rubbish. I think that it's bollocks that they were so greedy to do this, but I have no choice or say in the matter.

One of the things that are going is my little Klippan sofa. I love the style and the form, and the colour of it, but I need something longer. I like to watch my TV series while stretching out and it's too short even for me. A sofa with a chaise would be ideal, but I don't want to buy anything until I've seen how much space I'll have in the new flat. I want to take advantage of the chance of getting rid of big things, so it goes this week.

In the meantime I'll be using the first IKEA bed frame I bought as a sofa. I have two latex mattresses that are 90 cm wide (long story), so it's perfect fit. Perfect in size and style, but ugh! in colour. I began spray painting it black because the current bed frame is black and black goes with everything. I didn't finish as planned because even though the can looked enormous, it only covered half the frame. I also need to go to IKEA and buy another slat bottom for the sofa.

It's a daybed, so it's too deep to sit on as you'd sit on an ordinary sofa, but I happen to have an obscene amount of pillows. The loose pillows will be enough until I get a better idea if this combination actually works for me and/or fits in the new flat.

If it does, then I'll have a backrest and arm rests made from a firm foam, similar to the latex mattress. That way I'll have reused the mattress and the bed frame I already had, have a new stylish sofa that fits my needs, and a proper bed for guests to sleep on.