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Friday, September 16

Bathroom Rug(s)

September 16, 2011 Posted by Vaire

I've been wanting to do something about the bathroom rugs for some time now, but other things have been more urgent to take care of. Now that they have been taken care of, and I had an idea what I wanted to do, and had time to do it, I've begun crocheting two round rugs for the bathroom.

Last year I wanted to make one big rectangular rug in green or violet to coordinate with the towels. This year I decided to stick to shades of grey, to keep to the colours of the floor tiles, and to make two round ones. There are so many corners and blocky shapes already in my flat, that a couple of round shapes to balance all that squareness was needed.

Round Grey Rug

Sona decided the he absolutely had to be in on the action. Then he refused to lay still for a fraction of a second so that I could get a prettier shot of him. Typical! I did manage to keep him away long enough to get a good overview shot and some detail shots, but he thought it was fun play time. Cats...

I bought some acrylic yarn in Tallinn when I was visiting, but as I was nearing the end of the skeins allocated to the first rug, I realised that it was not enough. A quick trip to a yarn store later, I had enough yarn to crochet the rug as big as I wanted. Of course, the yarn I bought in Estonia is not sold here, so now I've got rugs with two stripes, instead of one as was planned.

Round Grey Rug

The other "round" rug I made years ago was only round on the paper, the increases were stacked and thus made an octagonal rug, not round. The rug in the photo accompanying the pattern must have been blocked to a round shape because it was as round as they come. This was pre-Ravelry, so I didn't find that out until well into the rug. Trying to block acrylic is pointless, so you may say that I was disappointed.

Round Grey Rug

This time I decided not to trust a pattern (Ravelry or no Ravelry) and made up my own by staggering the increases so that they were not in the same place every round. It was not complicated at all to figure out where to place the increases on the first rug, but I didn't write anything down while I was crocheting. Which means I have to go count the trebles on the first rug and make a pattern out of it to follow. That or make it up as I go along again, but I want to end up with two matching rugs, so a pattern it has to be.