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Monday, August 29

New Mounts

August 29, 2011 Posted by Vaire

Yesterday I got a rare mount that I'd been wanting for years. Ever since I heard about the Green Proto-Drake, I've been working to get it. It is a rare drop from an egg you can buy if your reputation is high enough with the Oracles. I've been buying that egg ever since I became revered with them and yesterday I finally got my mount!

Green Proto-Drake

I also got lucky with fishing the Sea Turtle mount out of a fishing pool a while back. Besides being adorable, it makes my swim speed faster in any body of water deep enough. I already had the Abyssal Seahorse on can get in Vashj'ir, but that one is only usable in that zone.

Sea Turtle

I've been working on the Molten Front dailies since they were introduced and yesterday I got my new title. I got the mount last week by completing the Molten Front Offensive achievement.

Flameward hippogryph

The hippogryph mounts are my new favourites because they are both flying and ground mounts. You are not allowed to fly in the Molten Front, or in Firelands. It comes in handy to have a mount that can do both when transitioning from a zone that allows flight to one that doesn't. No need to mount again, no worries about mis-clicks, just ride on.

Reea is now six mounts away from the 100 mounts achievement. Soon, very, very soon, she can ride a red dragonhawk.