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Wednesday, June 29

Drake of the West Wind

June 29, 2011 Posted by Vaire

Sometimes Blizzard completely surprises me with beauty in unexpected places. I'm not very fond of the new stone drake model colour schemes, but since I collect mounts, I got one anyway. It didn't look anything special when I first took it out, but then I shifted into shadow form and the mount was transformed from blah to beauty. See for yourself:

Drake of the West Wind

Drake of the West Wind in normal form,

Drake of the West Wind

and in shadow form. I love how the light streaks shine through the shadow form, and how the little lightnings play on his skin.

Usually the colours of the mount are completely masked by the purple, but in this case the mount is much more beautiful in the shadow form. I expected the usual purple blob with wings, and got my new favourite flying mount instead.