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Monday, January 24

New Lampshades

January 24, 2011 Posted by Vaire

There is a lovely Christmas tradition here in Sweden to have stars on windows from the first advent to 12th Night (and longer). There are also window pendants that are used as d├ęcor. I adore both and have wanted the window pendants for years.

In 2009 I bought the stars and the hardware that goes with them. Those stars are usually meant to be plugged in to ordinary sockets, but I have one ceiling socket above one window. (I still haven't figured out why there was only ever one installed while there are two windows.)

Since I wanted the lamps to go to the ceiling socket I also bought a ceiling plug from the hardware store and C helped me to rewire the two lamps to one plug. It's not the prettiest solution, but the cords are white, so they are not that obtrusive.

Christmas stars

I love them. Love, love, love! Last season I had them up until February, and took them down only because I didn't have non-Christmas shades to put on the hardware. These are plain cords without any possibility to attach an ordinary lampshade and the bulbs are too small to take the kind of shades that clip onto the bulbs.

Last year I had to deal with exhaustion, depression and a breakup, which took all my energy. So the plan to make some shades and hang the lamps back, stayed as a plan. This year I was determined that I'll buy or make the new shades for my lamps before I have to take them down again.

New shades, daytime

So I did.

New shade at daytime

I was unable to find anything in stores that I liked and that could be attached, so I made my own. After weighing several ideas and options, I chose paper and wire. I made the outer shell from blue heavier paper that I'd had for many years and the inner core out of white paper for pencil drawing. Then I made a circle of 1.5mm wire and a system from thinner wire to hang the shade from the bulb socket.

New shade at night

I love the way the light hits the insides of the spokes at night, the contrast between the core and the spokes. The play of light and shadows...

New shade behind a curtain

Too bad I have to cover up the lamps with the curtains during the night.