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Friday, January 28

A Little More About Lighting

January 28, 2011 Posted by Vaire

Having good lighting is important, especially in a north-facing flat like mine. I'm not fond of ceiling lamps, so I have two floor lamps, two table lamps, two window lamps and a spot for the iMac in the room.

These provide mood lighting, general lighting and task lighting. I also have myriad of candle holders for cosy lighting. I love the glass ones from Indiska, but the cats have already broken two of them. I have decided that I can't buy any more of those until I can be sure that they won't get broken within a few weeks.

It took me a while to find a perfect lamp for the side table (sadly, IKEA was no help this time). I found the lamp foot on sale in a speciality lighting shop when I was looking for shades for my window lamps. They also had these spring green shades that fit my colour scheme perfectly. And voilĂ ! A beautiful lamp for my side table was born.

Side table

It makes me happy to look at that side table. I love the box (a gift from my brother and his wife), I love the lamp (a good find), and I love the candle holder (so pretty). I love each individual item and I love them together.

I want to make something to replace that table runner that will do justice to the beauty of that setting. It'll do, but it's too green. Green is good (and I love it), but it's supposed to be an accent, not the main theme. I've been mulling over some ideas (turquoise? white? chocolate? darker green?), but so far nothing has popped out as "it". One day it will, until then, I continue to be happy looking at it as it is.