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Wednesday, October 14

It Snows!

October 14, 2009 Posted by Vaire

It snows already! Now, I love snow, but this is a whole month too early. It's been pretty cold this week, but come on! It's not even the end of October yet and I haven't got anything warm to wear.

I've begun the winter knitting thinking I had plenty of time to wear fall clothes. Not so. I've planned to knit gloves, arm warmers and two scarves for this winter. One scarf is half done (it was all the way done, but I ripped it back) one is 25% done, I have one glove and a nearly done arm warmer.

I also planned to buy a new winter coat before the winter hits, but no one is selling these yet. All the coats I've checked are thin fall coats. Useless. I could try to sew a coat for myself, but I'm not that good with modern stuff. Fitting one self is also tricky.

Enough with whining.

Juku and Sona

The other day I caught them sleeping in a pile of adorableness. They are the most fantastic kittens ever when they are not tearing this place apart. Thankfully, kittens grow out of the destructive phase faster than dogs or children. Meanwhile, I enjoy the moments of unbearable cute while they last.