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Monday, June 22

Midsummer Coronation

June 22, 2009 Posted by Vaire

Last weekend Sweden celebrated Midsummer. We had a short workday on Thursday and a free day on Friday. At the same time, there was the Midsummer Coronation event. This time it was held close to Stockholm, in a reconstructed Viking village.

The event stewards had asked that the participants come in Viking clothes to keep to the Viking theme. A lot many people did, which was awesome to see. I took my Estonian clothes with me, while they are not in classic Scandinavian Viking style, they are from the right time.

The site was fantastic, and as usual it was good to catch up with old friends and make new ones. There was an A&S display and no A&S competition for some strange reason. With all the things going on in my life I'd forgotten to write to the MOAS that I'd like to participate in the competition so I put a few of my knit caps on the display instead.

Both of these are knit using the same pattern and the same yarn. The needle size varies and the cast on stitch count, but other than that it follows the pattern published in "Textile Conservation and Research" by M. Flury-Lemberg.

Knit Landsknecht Black Cap

This one was knit on 2,2 mm needles, not fulled. It came out the perfect size.

Fulled Black Cap

This one was knit on 4,5 mm needles, and fulled. It came out too big. In the next experiment, I need to go down in needle size.

I gave both of them away to friends. I also got an order for one in red yarn. Sweet! I get to play more with yarn and needles.