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Wednesday, April 1

Spring Crown Tourney

April 01, 2009 Posted by Vaire

I weighed 65.7 kilos on Friday morning! Yay! I made my goal!!! I've updated the stats on the side bar and stop boring you with my weight updates.

Then I fetched some of my SCA clothes from the attic and tried on the 15th Century Flemish kirtle. It fit! ::happy dance:: I haven't fit into that one since I wore it to Spring Crown Tourney in 2004, exactly five years ago.

This is the picture I posted last year when I asked your help to decide which style should I go for. It's the blue dress on the left.

Photos clockwise from left — spring 2004, fall 2001 and spring 2002

There was a very nice gentleman with a SLR at the event and I asked him to take a couple shots of me so I could show you comparison pictures.

The flight over was uneventful, my friend picked me up at the airport and we had a nice evening on Friday. I met my friends' neighbour who is a lovely lady and also in the SCA. We drove to the site on Saturday morning and arrived in time to change before the tourney. It was very windy and I was really glad I'd decided to take my warm cloak instead of the red Burgundian dress. Sir Gerhardt and Mistress Judith are the current Crown Prince and Princess to be crowned King and Queen at Midsummer Coronation.

After the tourney there were some classes and a scriptorium for us non-fighting folks. I got to meet a lady who works in the Museum of London and had a very interesting conversation with her about the 16th Century knit items in their collection.

I had much fun at the feast, catching up with old friends and making new ones. I crashed at about midnight and had a decent night's sleep, considering that it was cold at night.

We drove back on Sunday and I had a long, luxurious bath at my friends' place. They had recently renovated their bathroom and put in a jacuzzi. Bliss. The rest of the group was role playing a very interesting campaign and they didn't mind me sitting at a computer and listening in. They didn't even mind me contributing a few bits of trivia when it was appropriate. In the end I got an invitation to join the campaign and make my own character. Yay!

I had to be at Heathrow at 8 to make sure I had time to go through all the checks, so we got up early. In the end, I was through, check in, baggage drop, security and passport controls in 30 minutes. Which left me two hours before the flight left. I spent the time shopping and listening to an audio book a friend had lent me.

The flight was late taking off and arriving, so I was late for my appointment at hairdressers, but fortunately it wasn't a huge problem. The problem was that I'd forgotten my phone home, so I couldn't call ahead and tell her that I was running late.

As usual I had fun and was exhausted when I got home. I think I need to start planning to have some time off after the vacation so I can recover. :)