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Friday, March 27

It's Another Week. Already?

March 27, 2009 Posted by Vaire

Whoa! Where did the time go?! I've been busy and forgetting to update about what I've been busy with.

There were Microsoft TechDays last week. They were not in Stockholm, but in Västerås and we stayed at a hotel over night. I learned some new things, well, new to me, and some deeper stuff about the things I already knew. I had a good time despite of some misgivings I had before we left, and worrying about leaving cats alone for two days. The cats didn't run out of food or water, nor destroy anything. They seemed to have missed me more than be concerned about food when I came home.

I've made a new WoW toon to play with friends on another server and have devoted lots of time to her. I've also spent non-WoW time with them because they are fantastic people and I like to hang out with them. They have an adorable kitten and don't mind me coming over to play with him. Or spend the evening playing together, or just chatting, or... Lovely!

I've played with my regular group on Wednesdays and some other nights. Most of them only have raids to check off the list of dungeons to clear for Champion of the Frozen Wastes achievement, I have one last heroic dungeon and two raids (out of three) to complete. We are trying to form a regular raid group so that we can start on those raid dungeons, but we don't have all 10 quite yet.

I've been also role playing and am getting more and more comfortable with it. It helps that my friends are patient and explain things to me. Slowly and several times, if necessary.

I've spun my first yarn on my wheel, but it's really uneven and the colours didn't blend well. It looks like a bunch of berries barfed on the wool. Ick. It wouldn't be so bad if it was evenly uneven, but it's unevenly uneven and I doubt it would make a pleasant fabric. I'll use the rest of the roving to practice and see later if it's worth to try to knit anything with it. Sigh. And it was such a pretty roving! I need to learn how to preserve colour sequences better.

Today I'll leave for the Spring Crown Tourney in UK. I haven't been to an event since Summer Coronation last year and I've missed it. My finances didn't allow me to travel as much as I'd would have liked this winter, but things are looking up. Time is becoming a problem, though. Oh well. I'll just have to start scheduling things more carefully.

The most important question at this moment is: what should I wear? A 13th Century tunic? Estonian peasant stuffs? Do I fit into my 15th Century Flemish gowns again? Sadly, the Landsknecht outfit I spent so much time on, is right out — it's way too big. I'll try on the Flemish gowns and if they don't fit, I'm going with the tunic. That's guaranteed to fit.