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Friday, December 19

Weight Whinge

December 19, 2008 Posted by Vaire

I weighed 69 kilos / 152 lbs this morning. Things seem to have levelled off at 68 +-1 kilos. I was 66.8 kilos three weeks ago and thought that I'd be at my goal by Christmas. Bah. I wanted to level at 66 +-1 kilos, but even at 69, I'm still in the healthy range.

I suspect that this is how far I can go losing weight by food alone. I need to add exercise to the mix if I want to achieve my goal weight. It's a bit of a bummer because I'd hoped I wouldn't need that. I don't think I should reduce my portions further, they are small enough already.

I'd decided to go to gym in January anyway to put some shape on my bones. Losing all that weight is nice, but now my skin is two sizes too large and it droops in places. I used to have a nice tight butt, slender arms and smooth back. Not any more and I want them back. It shouldn't be too difficult to add some fat burning exercises to muscle toning ones, all it comes down to is how badly do I want my body back.