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Monday, December 15

Catching Up

December 15, 2008 Posted by Vaire

I've been a bad blogger and not kept up with updates. Shame on me. There are more hush-hush things going on than not, but I think I can make one blog post out of the rest.

A couple or my friends have something called Julpyssel every year and they've been kind to invite me to the last two. The event is about doing some Christmas themed craft and is enormous fun of competition, silliness and glög. This year's craft was painting light bulbs with glass paints. My team mate and I decorated a bulb with big golden snow flakes, small silver snow flakes and little red dots. It won the competition.

The same friends gave me a dinner and a ticket to Quantum of Solace as a birthday present. I had fun hanging out with them (it's easy when you have fun friends), but I was a little disappointed in the film. It was not a Bond film at all, just another "lots of chases, explosions, destruction and some nudity" action flick. There's nothing wrong with the aforementioned on the silver screen, it just wasn't what I'd expected to see. In my opinion, a Bond film ought to be more than "lots of chases, explosions, destruction and some nudity" action flick.

My family gave me a collector's edition of Wrath of the Lich King as a birthday present and I've enjoyed Northrend enormously. Frosty, the collector's edition special pet, is adorable and I'd love to pack up and move to Howling Fjord. It looks exactly like a place I'd love to live in. The good thing is that I'm certain there actually are places in Sweden that look like that. Except, not during the same season, but that's only a bonus. If I wanted to have snow all year round, I'd move to South Pole.

I took part in 198 countries peace project by making two flags: Finland and Iceland. The flags have been sent, but I haven't received confirmation that they've arrived. I hope that they didn't get lost in the mail.

Then I've been knitting a {censored} for {censored}'s Christmas gift, making {censored} for {censored} to give as Christmas gift and crocheting {censored} for {censored}s. It really bums me that I have to censor the blog, but the recipients of the previous items are reading this blog and I don't want to spoil the surprise.

I'll be visiting my family in Tallinn over Christmas and will have two weeks of vacation after that. I spent all my 9 remaining vacation days for this year to get three weeks of vacation when combined with the official red days. Sweet, isn't it?