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Monday, November 10

What I've Been up to Recently

November 10, 2008 Posted by Vaire

I've rearranged the room again and this time I'm pretty pleased with it. The result is maximum amount of space, functionality and cosiness without any one object blocking any other from view. It was as simple as putting the chair back next to the bed and the sofa next to the window. It's armrests are low so they don't block the window and it's high back isn't blocking everything behind it.

I'm also re-thinking my colour scheme (white, navy and green) because I've grown tired of the navy. Of all the colours available, I like brown like dark chocolate the most. I bought some dark chocolate brown side panels to see how how such a dark colour goes with the rest and I quite like how it looks. I'm thinking of getting a cover for the sofa in similar colour and having some green pillows as accents.

It is interesting how the "living room" part has developed warm colours and the "bedroom" part has cool colours. I'd like to keep that separation going, but having chocolate colour in the "living room" won't help me find a new colour for the "bedroom". I completely painted myself into the corner with that decision.

Maybe I should make a quilt for the bed and use myriad of cool colours so it'll go with lots of different colour schemes? I've got plenty of scraps left over from all the SCA projects. Can one use wool for a bedspread / quilt?

The colonoscopy was uncomfortable, but the doctor didn't find anything remarkable. He took some samples and I'll get the results and an official diagnosis in a couple of weeks. I'm certain it'll be IBS.

The whole day of fasting before last Tuesday may have been why I weighed 68.4 kilos on Sunday morning, or it may not. Next week will tell. But hey! 68 kilos! I have not been this light in years and years and years! I'm this > < close to my goal. Whee!