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Wednesday, March 26

On Weightloss and Progress (or Lack Thereof)

March 26, 2008 Posted by Vaire

I've put some stats on my sidebar to remind me where I was and where I am going. There have been no updates for the past two months because there has been no change. No change! Woo! It has not changed one bit! My March average is actually lower than my February average and I haven't even worked at losing weight. Yippee!

So why am I so inordinately proud of not losing any weight when I've been so gung-ho in the past? One of the reasons is that I was losing weight too fast, my skin couldn't keep up with it. I decided to give it a break and stop actively watching what I ate. Also to see was I still over-eating and would I begin gaining weight again? No and no.

That's why I'm so happy to say that I haven't lost any weight. Ha! Take that, obesity, over-eating and comfort-eating! I do not need your crutches any more. I can maintain my weight simply by eating what I like and my skin has caught up with the weightloss. Woo! Those that know me, know that beating the over-eating is one of the major victories in my life. I've beaten the cravings! Woo!

I'm ready to start losing weight again and I expect to reach my goal this autumn. I probably won't be progressing as fast as I was last year, but then again, I know I can do it and I'm not obese anymore. Nor am I at risk of scary health complications that may bring, so I'll take it easy this time.

I've put a goal number on the sidebar, but really anything between 60 and 69 kilos is a healthy weight for me and it doesn't really matter if I end up at 66 or 63 kilos. I may end up at both anyway since weight fluctuates naturally.

I'm so happy I feel skipping like a little girl.