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Monday, March 17

Monday, Monday

March 17, 2008 Posted by Vaire

You know, weekends are way too short, two days just isn't enough to recuperate and do things that I want to do. My ideal week would be four days at work, three days off. Unfortunately that just wouldn't fly with a corporate employer and I am not good enough at sales to be self-employed.

Yea, I didn't accomplish a thing last weekend, because I just wanted to rest. It didn't help that I got three new books from Handelsgillet and spent some serious time with them. Got loads of ideas for new SCA projects, which I'm doing my best to ignore, because I still haven't begun to sew. So now I've got 5.5 weeks left, I know, stupid me.

I went to see Jumper with a friend last week. It was a fun little movie, nothing extraordinary, good mindless entertainment, nice special effects. Recommended to take time off from real life and if you like Sci-Fi mindless eye candy entertainment.

Before the movie we stopped by Lush and I got a few things from them. I wanted to have solid shampoo, lotion and soap in boxes for travel. I must say that I am disappointed and won't be buying anything but their soaps in the future. I thought that their distinctive strong smell in the store came from bath bombs, but found out that whatever it is, they put it in their shampoo bars and massage bars too. Yuck!

I'm extra disappointed with the shampoo bar because it's eco-friendly and cleans really well, but it smells nasty. I left it out after the shower to dry before putting into the box and it stank up the whole bathroom. The massage bar is not as bad, but it leaves behind this distinctive chemical smell instead of the citrus fragrance I was after. A real bummer, that.

Now the soap, it is a beaut. Smells good, cleans well and leaves my skin feeling nice too. I've tried a few other soaps from them and I've liked them too. I wish they'd omit the stinky stuff from their other products. As it is now, I must learn how to make my own solid shampoo and lotion if I want less hassle in travelling and have the fragrances I like. More projects on my long list and very little time to do them in...