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Friday, February 29

Friday Babble

February 29, 2008 Posted by Vaire

It's Friday, the weather is fine and I actually have some energy. All good.

I haven't unpacked yet because I must attack my closets first and take a full inventory of what I have and where I can put it. One thing is certain — I do not want to go out and buy another closet/wardrobe/shelf system. I like the room to be relatively sparsly furnished and I want to keep it that way.

I am certain that I can fit most of fabrics, fibre and yarn in the storage space that I have, I just need to rearrange the current system and probably get rid of stuff. I have lots of good yarn that I won't be using because my style has changed.

Yarn like that is prime candidate for destashing, so I'll be listing the yarn on Ravely for sale/destash. If you are interested but not on Ravelry, let me know and I'll send you pics with descriptions.

Fortunately there was nothing wrong with the iPod, the battery was drained. Once I'd loaded it, it was fine. I've been thinking of getting a smaller model (like Nano or Shuffle), I have a full size iPod Video and it's too big for me. Both physically and storage wise; I've never managed to fill it, even when I load it for travel. It's not big enough for my whole music and audiobook library and the playlists or books I usually listen to, dont' take much room.

The problem is that I can't justify buying a new one while the old one is still working. It's just more clutter and I'm doing my darndest to avoid adding to that. I have enough stuff already, no need for more.

Speaking of more, I need to buy clothes. I've shrunk out of my jeans and skirts so I want to replace some of my wardrobe this spring. I'm not at my goal weight yet and I could continue wearing what I have, but I'm a girl and would like to look good in my clothes. Wearing clothes that are baggy, but not meant to be so is not the most flattering 'look' one could have. A couple new skirts and shirts would tide me over the shrinking period and I'll give my old ones to a charity or second hand shop.

What a pleasant problem to have — need to buy new clothes because the old ones are too big! When I realised that it gave me quite a boost in self confidence. So far I've always had to buy new clothes because the old ones were too small. It's nice to be on my way to a healthy weight, not vice versa.