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Monday, January 7

Weight Update

January 07, 2008 Posted by Vaire

This post was supposed to be writen on Friday, but I was too braindead to even put two coherent words together. I duly apologise.

The history: I've struggled with my weight and self image for some years now. Well, intermittently struggled, mostly I ignored that I was raising like a loaf of bread. With the breakup came lots of introspection and I decided that I want to be at peace with myself. Which also meant that I must stop being obese (86 kilos at my height = BMI 30). A company event in September made me realise exactly how much I was over eating and gave me a reference point for portion sizes.

Fast forward to last Friday morning. The number on the scales was 75.8 kg. Woo! That is 10.4 kilos lost and equals BMI 27. This means that I'm simply overweight, I've achieved a milestone (10 kilos! Half way there!), I've gone down two clothes sizes and am much happier with myself.

That's not to say that this has been easy. There is so much delicious food in the world and I want to eat it all. Living in Hornstull area is especially tempting — there are so many good restaurants there. Takeout is not the healthiest choice to begin with and the portions are about 2 times more than what I'd need.

I'm getting better at curbing the "Ah! I don't want to cook tonight, I'll get sushi/chinese/indian/thai/italian instead" feelings. Of all these choises sushi is the only one that could possibly be healthy and not have too many calories. Maybe. I'm not taking any chances and I'm classifying all the takeout into a treat category.

When I began to lose weight I made a rule that I can have takeout only once a week. That rule got broken several times last year, but I've made a resolution to keep it this year and see if I can extend it to "once a fortnight".

One thing is for sure, no matter what, I'll be slim again and shall never ever EVER compete with a bloke on who can tuck away more.