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Friday, January 11

Watch Band

January 11, 2008 Posted by Vaire

My watch band broke in December and I looked everywhere for a new one. Then I saw Boogie Time in Knitty and got an idea to make my own.

Watch band layed out

However, I thought that Boogie Time would be too thick for the watch and I also wanted to be able to remove and reattach it. So, I decided to use #20 crochet cotton, copy the proportions and make up my own pattern.

Watch band

Another reason I wanted to make my own was colour. Everything I saw in stores was boring and uninspired. This one doubles as a wristlet and has precisely the colours I want.

Watch band under wrist

I must apologise for the quality of the photos. They are taken under a lamp without flash because flash emphasised the surface under the band. To give you an idea how distorted the colours are: the yellowish background is my white tabletop. White! *sigh*