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Monday, January 21

Project of the Month - January

January 21, 2008 Posted by Vaire

Our company moved last Friday and the new place didn't want all the furniture. The employees were free to choose from the pieces left behind what they liked. I chose a table from the kitchen, a task lamp and a wastepaper basket.

A coworker helped me to take home the load and set up the table. I took pictures of the new setups, they are in the Flat Album. I must say that I'm totally in love with my kitchen. I only need to make a runner for the table, sew some tea towels and pilow covers, put up the rest of my SCA awards and it's finished.

In the spirit of decorating, I finally put up my stained glass ornaments. The only eligible window was in the bathroom, so there they went.

Bathroom window with ornaments

They are a bit small for this window, but then they were made for the kitchen window in Tallinn. I took a Tiffany style stained glass course in the summer of '99 and these two are the result. They are a bit wonky, but what do you expect for first try?

Stained glass sun

The weather up here can be dreary for days upon end. I made this one so I'd always have sun shining in my window.

Stained glass clouds

I made the clouds to balance the sun. All sun all the time is not good either.

Go check out the rest of the pictures, the kitchen is lovely and the new task lamp is much better than the old one.