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Monday, January 28

New Old Look

January 28, 2008 Posted by Vaire

I've changed the template of the blog a few times, but I always return to this one — the one I started with. I made this template when I began blogging, the other ones I've used were free ones made by others or again made by me. I made the photo albums to match this one and never really changed them to reflect the other templates.

I had a plan to change the layout for the blogiversary in December, but got busy with the move and everything, so it never happened. I still want to make that new template, but it'll take some time before it's finished. I put back the old one because I was thoroughly bored with the look.

The main column is dynamic, which is good if you deal with relatively narrow screen widths (600-1024 pixels). With todays widescreens, the line length is too long to read comfortably if the browser window is maximised. I might fix that before I put up a new template. Or not, it depends how easy it is to alter the CSS stylesheet and how greatly it alters the look.

Now that I've bored you to death with ramblings about web tech, I'll leave you with eye candy.

Light and shadows

One night I noticed how interesting the shadow was that the water bottle was casting so I snapped a pic.