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Wednesday, December 19

The Little Things

December 19, 2007 Posted by Vaire

Some things that make me happy, in no particular order.

  • Scritching the head of a purring cat as he lays on my lap while I'm knitting.
  • Listening to the lastest Nightwish album as loud as I dare.
  • Dancing to the same album.
  • Catching a glimpse of my fringe in a mirror. (Pretty colour always makes me happy.)
  • Inviting friends over for dinner or just for a cuppa.
  • Sipping flavoured loose leaf tea.
  • Catching a glimpse of that cheery orange orb in my kitchen.
  • Listening to Discworld audiobooks while knitting.
  • Mao and Ursus greeting me at the door when I come home from work.
  • Reading your comments.
  • Having lots of counter space in the kitchen — perfect for baking.
  • Snow.
  • Finding my winter gear. (I have gloves, socks and scarves again! Woo!)
  • Knitting with a beautiful yarn that is also a pleasure to touch.
  • Putting on a shorter belt because I've run out of holes on the longer one.
  • Ursus and Mao sleeping in the chair.
Ursus and Mao snuggling

They've begun to sleep close to each other lately and have even tried to be in my lap at the same time. Tried, but not succeeded so far. The one who got there first will not give space to the other. I hope it'll improve or I'll have to start rearranging the cats on my lap so that both will have sufficient space.