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Monday, November 12

I can finally take it easy

November 12, 2007 Posted by Vaire

The furniture is assembled, the stuff has been put away and the family has visited.

Of course that doesn't mean that the apartment is finished or that everything is organized, there are still things left to do. The hall needs a mirror, for example and I don't have a dining table for the kitchen. Those things can wait. The most important thing is that I have a place to sleep, a place to sit and a place for books.

I tried to reconfigure the router yesterday with the result that it stopped responding and I gave up. I'll get a long cable and try to hide that as best as I can.

We went to Ikea on Saturday. My brother and his wife wanted a floor lamp, I wanted a divider for a drawer and Mum wanted to look around. They also had decided to buy me a set of dishes as a birthday present. In the end they got the lamp they wanted, I got the birthday present (the drawer divider didn't suit the purpose I'd wanted it for) and Mum got the cutest breakfast bowl. We all got a few more things, as is usual for an Ikea visit.

We were completely tired once we got back home, ate some lunch and crashed. Later we decided to go out for the birthday dinner and chose an excellent Chinese restaurant nearby. On Sunday we went shopping in the City Centre and had a long lunch in a Greek restaurant.

After I'd taken them to the Arlanda Express train, I went home thinking I could configure the router. When that failed I thought I'd knit a bit. I fell asleep in the rocking chair instead, decided to call it a day and went to bed.

The cats are fine, they are racing all over the apartment and are enjoying themselves. At five o'clock in the morning, naturally. There's no point in mock fighting and galloping up and down over the furniture when the human is awake, now is there?