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Monday, November 19

The Flat

November 19, 2007 Posted by Vaire

I've made a new photo album with the pictures of the flat. The link will stay on the sidebar and I'll add pictures as I change things. I missed the daylight for taking pictures because the batteries were dead on Saturday and it takes a while to reload.

As I was taking pictures and looking at them it came to me that it is so boring. And empty. Barren, really. In dire need of some textiles and art on the walls. I forgot to light the candles too...

Anyhow, I am still happy with the flat, I'm just not happy with the flow of the room. I've been playing around with the layout and moving things around in La-Z-Boy (shudder, what a name!) Design Center. I must say, regardless of the name, that tool is worth looking into if you want to remodel or rearrange furniture. It's in Imperial measurements only, though.

I think I've found a better layout with clearly defined zones. I feel a mighty urge to rearrange the furniture just to see if will look better that way even if I don't have all the final pieces. I will have to empty the bookshelves and sideboard to move them, but that's not a big deal. I know how I want the bookshelves to look and I need to organize the sideboard anyway.

Why zones? Well, I only have one room for sleeping, crafting, computing, reading and entertaining and I'd like to separate these activities somewhat. Right now everything is spread out in the room and is a mish-mash. Of course some of them will (and should) overlap like reading and entertaining, but I'd like a definite border between for example, crafting and sleeping. Pins and mattresses may be a match made in heaven, but pins and my bum is not.