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Monday, September 17

Yarn Shops in Tallinn

September 17, 2007 Posted by Vaire

Anja asked me something I've been meaning to do for years, but never got around to it. So here are the yarn shopping tips for a tourist in Tallinn.

Pärnu mnt 46

Variety of yarns. Largest seller of pre-yarn.

Tallinna Kaubamaja B korpus, Kaubamaja 2

Finnish and Estonian yarns.

Kangas ja Nööp
Narva mnt. 5, "Foorumi" kaubakeskus

Finnish and Estonian yarns.

Tartu mnt 35

Gedifra, Adriafil, Novita etc.

Pronksi lõngapood ja ateljee
Pronksi 6

This is a new store that I haven't visited yet.

These are the yarn stores that I can verify are still in business. I hope this helps you find good yarn in Tallinn.

Update from Terje: I can add here a small shop in Kaubamaja on the first floor and a new shop at Tartu maantee - Veimevakk (Gedifra, Adriafil, Novita etc).

I will add maps to these as soon as I can.

Another update: Kaubamaja and Veimevakk are added to the list and the maps are updated.

Update from Outi: Filati is no more and there is a new store. I'll fix the maps after I'm back from vacation.

Update: Kangas ja Nööp has moved to a new location.