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Saturday, September 22

I Am So Tired

September 22, 2007 Posted by Vaire

I've always had problems falling asleep and now it's worse. Looking for an apartment on a definite deadline is nerve wrecking. Weighing each apartment, how much can I bid, it's features, pluses and minuses, location and the amount of work/money it takes to make it habitable is what's keeping me up at nights.

It's not that most of the apartments need repairs. You see, I have no furniture besides two mattresses, a computer table and a chair. I sold my custom-made furniture that I had in Tallinn, and what I brought with me has been retired already (except for that one computer table).

If I bid the maximum amount of the loan guarantee, the monthly loan payments will be so high that I will not have anything left to buy furniture with. I've bid the maximum a few times because I wanted that apartment so bad. There was this 2-room apartment at Hornstull that came with the furniture... Sigh. I didn't get that one.

So I continue to go to apartment showings, bid, worry and sleep wery little as a result. I just wish this was over and I can sleep in peace.