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Tuesday, August 14

We're back

August 14, 2007 Posted by Vaire

Visby was fun, there were so many things going on all the time. The weather was very warm even with some rain on Saturday. Fortunately I could strip to my linen underthings instead of having to wear a thick wool dress.

I have so many ideas for improvements for next camping event, things to make, things to buy, etc. For example:

  1. shorten the sleeves of the shirt;
  2. make new shirts;
  3. make a light colour light summer wool dress;
  4. buy better eating utensils.

The first I can do right after the shirt is washed, the next two have to wait till I get my fabrics and I begun the last point by buying a drinking jug at the market on Sunday. I want to find some pewter plates, a small bowl and a spoon to reduce the weight and volume of my kit. I've been researching eating knives and forks too, but these probably have to be custom made.

Visby itself is just as beautiful and interesting as people have been saying. I didn't have much time to take pictures, but here's a taste of Visby.

The Chapter House

I knit at the airport on a Daisy sweater, but realised that 4,5 mm pins were too big and I'd run out of yarn before finishing. Yesterday I ripped and begun again on 4 mm pins.

Lemon/Lime Baby Blanket

On the way back I worked on the baby blanket. It is almost finished, I have one more yellow stripe to go before beginning the seed stitch border. I have no idea how big it will be, right now it is just a shapeless blob on the pins. I hope it will be big enough.