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Monday, August 6


August 06, 2007 Posted by Vaire

I received a Ravelry invitation! Oh my, oh my, oh my! What a resource! Please excuse my overuse of exclamation marks, I'm just so very exited.

I signed up back in the beginning of June just to check it out. Then I became more and more exited about the project as I learned more about it. It is a fantastic tool to log your stashes (yarn, needles, hooks, books), associate them with projects, see what others are making and stashing, add them to your wishlist queue, interact via forums and groups, and there are features that I probably haven't found yet.

Ravelry is still in the beta testing phase, so it is by invitation only. Go enter yourself in the queue, if you haven't already. It will take a while to receive the invitation because they only add people as the capacity of the system allows. It is well worth the wait.

Most of my yarn and spinning fibre is in Ireland, so there is not much yarn stash to add. Or so I thought. 16 entries already and that's not all. That's only the yarn I've bought recently, there's still the yarn I left behind 2 years ago to photograph and enter and I'll be very busy when the rest of the stash arrives.

But I think that's part of the fun of Ravelry — to finally have an overview of what yarn I have without spreading it all out on the floor.