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Thursday, August 30

Random Ramblings

August 30, 2007 Posted by Vaire

This weekend promises to be as fun as the last one. The company I work for will have a seminar in Selma Lagerlöf Spa. We will leave today and come back on Sunday. The idea is to spend some time with your colleagues and get to know each other.

I missed that kind of thing in Ireland. The last company I worked for in Estonia had those seminars too and they were very fun. In Ireland the company I worked for was too big to be willing to shell out for a weekend somewhere.

The bus ride to the spa is four hours, perfect for some knitting. I've considered knitting in the lectures, but decided not to. My command of Swedish is not good enough to knit and take part of the discussions at the same time. I wouldn't hesitate to knit if the lectures were in Estonian or English.

I've applied for a Swedish course that begins in October — SAS A (Swedish as second language, first part). I could probably study by myself (watch TV, read newspapers and books, speak, etc.), but I believe that I'll learn faster in a structured course environment. I'll be practising by doing those other activities anyway.

I've also decided which gym I want to go to and I'll check them out next week when they have free intro on Tuesday. I hesitated to get a membership in a gym close to where I live now because it probably won't be close when I move. Procrastinating? Who, me? Never! We were talking about it during my visit to Tallinn, and then Mum said: "Even if you move in two months, you'll still get two months of training if you start now." So I'm going to their first available intro next Tuesday.

This is going to be very busy Autumn, but I'll make sure that I also do things that I enjoy. That is something I forgot to do in Ireland and probably one of the reasons I was so unhappy there.