An Estonian girl who has found a home in Sweden.

Monday, July 23

A Post A Day: Day One

July 23, 2007 Posted by Vaire

I wish there were recycling bins in our apartment house. Right now there is only a garbage shoot and a paper bin.

I wish I spoke better swedish. I am speaking it every day at work, read newspapers and watch TV sometimes. I feel that it's not enough and I want to take a course in swedish.

I wish I was not overweight. I should to go to gym and learn to eat less to lose weight. The gyms are on summer break, but I've been checking out fall schedules already. Eating less is an everyday struggle, a struggle which I sometimes lose.

I wish my fabrics were here. I have an idea for a light summer German Lansknecht type dress and fabrics for it. The fabrics are still in Ireland and won't be here before October.

I wish my yarns were here. So many ideas to use up what I have and I have to wait until S leaves Ireland. I couldn't take the yarn or fabrics with me when I moved back to Sweden and S has very kindly offered to take them with her when she moves back home in October.

I wish so many things, but the thing that I wish most at the moment is that R's health would improve. He is undergoing testing to see how serious it is and what exactly can be done. I just wish he was well.