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Tuesday, July 10

Home Improvement, Stage 1 Completed

July 10, 2007 Posted by Vaire

The furniture has been unpacked and assembled. There is some getting used to the new layout, but the idea of a cozy TV nook has worked out very well. It was rigorously tested (four episodes of CSI) yesterday and has gotten highest marks from all of us.

The sofa is surprisingly roomy for a two-seater and comfortable. We only need to add a couple of pillows for little more snuggle comfort. The back and armrests met with kitty approval too. It seems they are perfect for slouching and clawing. We are trying to discourage the latter, but without much success.

The "office" has not been thoroughly tested, but so far it seems to work well. We still have a problem with glare, although not as bad as before. At least the computer screens are not directly opposite the window anymore. We are thinking about some kind of blinds to take care of that problem.

The remaining furniture has been rearranged and is waiting to be replaced.