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Wednesday, July 18

Finally some pictures!

July 18, 2007 Posted by Vaire

I emptied my camera and phone. There weren't many pictures that are interesting or not blurry. Disappointing, really. I must find a good book on digital photography to learn how to take better pictures.

There were two that are interesting and not too blurry.

Liffey in June

This is taken with my phone camera on a sunny June day. The subject is River Liffey in Dublin. I have never seen any river as dirty as this. Any body of water, actually.

Long scarf

This is a scarf that I just had to knit, the colors are so beautiful. Unfortunately I have lost the ballband and have forgotten the name of the yarn.


I found out what yarn it is: Rowan Tapestry 171 Rainbow. All this surfing to identify the mystery yarn has made me want to buy lots of yarn and begin bazillion projects. Only 1% of them would ever be finished, but it is so much fun to plan, design and begin new things! Finishing them all is not half as fun.