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Wednesday, March 7

March 07, 2007 Posted by Vaire

200g down over last two weeks. Hmpf! This isn't going the way it should. It isn't increasing either, which is good. I need to alter my food habits a little again. I just need to sort out lunch and get a grip on dinners. I'm making progress on the snacking front, which means that I eat baby carrots or baby couliflower instead of isecream or cookies. Good thing I like raw vegetables!

There has been knitting. I bought some sock yarn when I was in Stockholm and began a glove. I also bought some cheap Pony sock pins, figuring that if they wanted me to toss them at the airport security, I could. They didn't bat an eye at my knitting, didn't even ask me to take it out of the bag. I'm glad they didn't, I got half a glove knit at the airport and on the plane.

I'm working on stuff for the next SCA competition. I've finished a capelet and an apron. I've knit a beret following instructions in Textiles and Conservation, but I probably need to make another. It came out a bit small and pointy. The original berets were knit pointy and stretched flat. I didn't have a right size plate to fully stretch it, so it's more pointy than I'd like it to be.

Pics will come when I find some batteries for the camera.