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Wednesday, December 27

December 27, 2006 Posted by Vaire

I forgot to weigh yesterday, but today's result is 82.3 with a sweater and 81.8 without it. My scales add 0.3 kilos and I weighed without the shoes, so what the true numbers are, is anyone's guess. Even after lots of very good food over Christmas, I've not gained or have even lost some. Not bad at all.

We had an international Christmas dinner this year. Everyone cooked or brought their traditional foods. There were Swedish, Finnish, Estonian and German foods on the table. Everything was fabulous and completely non-low fat.

During the preparations for Mum's arrival and Christmas, I forgot that my blog celebrated its 3rd birthday. I might not be the most regular blogger, but after three years, I'm still at it. I'm amazed.

Happy New Year!

Continuously Happy Holidays and a Marvelous New Year!

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