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Wednesday, November 22

November 22, 2006 Posted by Vaire


I baked the rye bread and it was eaten up to the last crumb. Delicious. I forgot to take a pic before it dissappeared.

Went to the kingdom University and had a blast. Found out that there is a handweaver's shop in the Old Town that has lots of yarns, threads and roving for sale. Roving! Woot! I bought about a kilo and actually managed to fit it in my carry on luggage with some Regia sockyarns that I bought too. I'm sorta broke this month because of that trip.

Removed my braids because they were getting uncomfortable and really itchy. Today found out the itch was actually caused by the shampoo I was using. Also, I felt really weird having maroon/purple braids and medieval clothes. That combination simply didn't work. My own hair is half way down my back now and I might just keep it for a while as it is. Perhaps have it dyed professionally before Christmas.

I joined the Weight Watchers two weeks ago and weighed in at 85.5 kilos. Mind you, that's with clothes and shoes on. I lost 1 kilo during the first week (feast on Saturday) and 1.5 kilos last week (feast testing on Saturday). Not bad, not bad at all. I haven't gone to gym in months, but I'll get back to it. Someday...

I haven't been real good at counting the points, but the system has helped me to be more aware of what I'm eating and how much. Last week I didn't count any points, but just reduced portions drastically while choosing low fat, low calorie foods. That seems to work, so I'm going with that. I'll alter the system when it stops working.