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Sunday, September 17

September 17, 2006 Posted by Vaire

After pining for a new mobile phone for about three monts, I finally gave in on Friday and bought one.

The reason I wanted a new phone was that we're not allowed to bring cameras to work. They, however, allow cameraphones. There have been so many sights I've wanted to show you, but haven't had a camera with me. Now I do! Yay!

I have taken pix with it already, but since there is no infrared port in my laptop (I thought there was) or Bluetooth (I knew there wasn't), I have to go buy a USB cable to transfer data. Bummer, eh?

Originally I wanted to have Nokia N70, but the salesman convinced me to get Nokia 6233 instead. When I compared the specks, I discovered that he was right and 6233 suits my requirements better than N70.

My 6233 has a black case and the numbers glow blue when you use the phone. It might look a little boring, but it's small, sleek, and does all that I want it to do. What else do you need in a phone?