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Wednesday, August 2

August 02, 2006 Posted by Vaire

This Monday was a tough one. Working on a customer's computer for seven hours straight without any results. Outlook didn't budge one bit. When I'd gotten home after a 13-hour workday I declared to everyone that computers should be all blown up and buried.

Thanks. I feel better today.

Monday was supposed to be a gym day, but I went yesterday instead. I went today as well, although I've come to doubt the wisdom of that decision. I'm still wobbly and a little shaky. Might be because I did some arm exercises as well. Of course the weight hasn't changed any, but it's too early to tell.

We are going to Champions of Lough Devnaree this weekend and I need to find something to enter to the A&S competition. If I can find this Carolingian style book, I'll enter that.

Carolingian style book

Thanks to the blog entry I wrote about it (June 12, 2004) the documentation is going to be easy.