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Sunday, May 21

May 21, 2006 Posted by Vaire

Finland won the Eurovision song Contest! Woot! Well done! (Happy dance.) I've been checking the Estonian, Finnish and Swedish papers online for articles, here's one by BBC.

While reading reader's comments of Postimees online, I came upon this one. It was in Estonian and I took the liberty of translating it.

Finns And The Climate

+15°C (It won't get any warmer in Finland, so we begin here.)
The Spanish wear winter clothing and gloves.
Finns sunbathe.

French try desperately to make the central heating to work.
Finns plant flowers in their gardens.

Italian cars won't start.
Finns drive cabriolets.

Distilled water freezes.
The water of river Vantaa in Finland thickens a little.

In California, people almost freeze to death.
Finns have their last grill parties of the season.

Brits begin to heat their houses.
Finns begin to wear long sleeves.

Australians flee Mallorca.
Finns end their midsummer festivities. The autumn has arrived.


Greek freeze to death and vanish from Earth.
Finns begin to dry clothes indors.

Paris begins to crumble from cold.
Finns queue to buy hot dogs.

Polar bears flee from North Pole.
Finnish army postpones the winter survival courses; they are waiting for the winter colds.

Korvatunturi (the home of the Santa Claus) freezes.
Finns rent a video and sit at home.

The false Santa moves to South.
Finns are upset that they can't keep Kossu (Koskenkorva vodka) outside anymore. Finnish soldiers attend winter survival courses.

Microbes in foodstuffs die.
Finnish cows complain that milkmaid's hands are cold.

All atom-based movement ceases.
Finns curse: 'Perkele, it is cold today!'

Hell freezes over.
Finland wins the Eurovision song contest.