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Monday, April 10

April 10, 2006 Posted by Vaire

Vicious circle.

That's how it felt to get up this morning. My ordinary workday looks like this: get up at 5 AM, be at bus stop at 5:45, begin work at 6:30 (or whenever the bus arrives), breakfast at 7:00, lunch at 11:15, go home at 15:00, eat, do stuff, go to bed at 21:00. This provides 8 hours of sleep which is supposed to be enough for an adult.

Well, it's not enough for me; nine hours is minimum and ten is optimum. But. There are not enough hours in the day to get anything done if I get ten hours of sleep. So I go to bet at nine, be tired the whole week, sleep pretty much the whole day Saturday, get up late on Sunday and feel like a human being at 7 PM.

Except I must be in bed at nine to get at least some sleep. Of course, being all rested, I won't fall asleep until after midnight and be all tired in the morning. And so every week.

Vicious circle.