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Tuesday, April 18

April 18, 2006 Posted by Vaire

Nighttime flying is not my favourite way to travel, I've found. It will get you there, but if you're near dead afterwards it's no fun. The flight to Tallinn from Dublin takes three hours, thats not enough even if one could rest comfortably. Which I couldn't. Anyway, I'm an experience richer and wiser to fly during the day if I can.

I went to Tallinn partly to see my folks and partly to shop. The following are some of my purchases.

Handmade soaps.

I love Lush and Body Shop products, but these soaps are pure joy. I got one each of my favourite scents: lemon, apple and lavender.

Heie for spinning.

This is 'heie' meant for knitting. It is perfect for spinning, especially if your drafting skills are nil, like mine. 'Heie' is rowing in Estonian, but nowhere I've seen rowing so fine as this. The rainbow heie is ~3mm in diameter, the gray one is a little thicker. Rainbow heie will become 3ply sock yarn, what becomes of the gray, I don't know yet.

Cotton yarn for a shoulder bag in spring colours.

Some cotton yarn in spring colours. It is meant to become a shoulder bag to remind me of spring in Dublin.

Linen thread for sewing and cotton-viscose for emboidery.

Linen knitting yarn which I've repurposed for sewing and some cotton/viscose yarn for embroidery.


This pincushion is what they are for. I'd begun the embroidery with wool yarn that I had and it looked alright. When I saw the yarns above there was no question about what to do. I ripped out the wool and continued with the cotton instead. This motif comes from Göss vestments, the cope to be exact. Mine is but a poor copy, but it was meant to be a practice piece anyway.