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Friday, March 24

March 24, 2006 Posted by Vaire

Yesterday I fell in the stairs and hurt my tailbone pretty bad. It's not broken, but it's painful enough. I stayed home from work today because I can't really sit. It is getting better and I'll be able to go to work on Monday. Believe me, I am extremely glad I got a laptop instead of an ordinary PC.

These pictures were supposed to be posted on Wednesday, but I was still beat.

Two cinquefoils banner

A banner with my device, which is in the process of being submitted. In the SCA we can choose a device/arms. There is a possibility to register them, but the process takes at least six months and there are bazillion rules only heralds can make sense of. I hope everything goes well and I will be able to use this device, unaltered.

Aarnimark banner

Just for fun we made an Aarnimark banner for our house. We all come from either Aarnimetsä or Nordmark so we combined their devices to make our own.

Blue servant outfit à la Maciejowski Bible

The blue tunic in action. The sleeves are tied at the back and I just hung a piece of linen from my belt for an apron. There will be a proper apron in the future. It took an eternity of trying different ways to wrap the headcloth before I hit on the one that looks even remotely like the illuminations in the Maciejowski Bible. This one is one of the illuminations I used as an inspiration for this outfit.

Head table

The head table ready for our distingushed guests. The Viceroy and Vicerine of Insulae Draconis came to our event. We had three 3x3m gazebos in a row and straw for warmth. It was a cozy and fun event.


Some fencing action.


Party action.