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Wednesday, March 1

March 01, 2006 Posted by Vaire

It snowed esterday! Real snow, not raindrops masquerading as snow. Beautiful. Cold too. When I stepped out of the office building it was sunny and about 10 degrees. In 10 minutes it became about -1 and snowing. Of course the flu that I had barely gotten rid of flared up again. Loved the snow, pissed about my nose turning into a rainpipe in rain.

I've discovered the perfect time to knit. It is the cab-waiting-time every morning. IBM provids taxi dockets for us who begin work at 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning. I order a cab every night for 5:40 the next morning. This should give the driver ample time to reach the office which is bare 10 minutes away. This works in theory, in practice not a single cab has ever been on time. Twice they have arrived 5 minutes early, as a rule they are late. Sometimes even 25 minutes late. Now you do the math and answer the question: How many times have I been on time to work?

So every morning I am ready by 5:35 and knit waiting for the cab. My frustration levels have gone down remarkably since I began knitting in the mornings.