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Friday, February 17

February 17, 2006 Posted by Vaire

There is another event coming up this weekend. We all have been busy making new clothes/stuff for it.

I began eating more conciously and more healthy last September. The work has been extremely stressful lately and I've fallen back to comfort-eating. The result is that I've gained back all that I lost during those months. I have no clue if I'm back to 80 kilos or have I gained more than I lost because I don't have scales yet. I'm planning to go shopping on Monday and buy myself some scales and a mini trampoline. I will also begin the good eating plan again, walk home from work (4 km) and exercise at least for 10 min every day. Good plan, eh? There will be days when I will not be able to stick to the plan, but if I keep losing weight it's all good.

I want to keep track of the progress (or regress) so I'll post the morning weight here every day. That way you all can see how pitiful my efforts are.