An Estonian girl who has found a home in Sweden.

Monday, August 22

August 22, 2005 Posted by Vaire

Thanks for all the comments! They are much appreciated. I've been distracted from posting by lots of guests last week.

To answer some questions. I knit the mittens from Estonian countrywool (maavillane), the yarn used for traditional knitting in Estonia. I found the pattern booklet in a bookstore in Tallinn, Apollo raamatukaubamaja, I think. They published part II this spring, only days after my visit to Estonia. Hopefully I can still find it when I visit next.

I belong to Society for Creative Anachronism and one of my personas is an Estonian peasant girl. Her clothes were what I was referring to. I also have few other outfits, but the Estonian wardrobe is the most complete and versatile.

As for being marooned in Estonia... I used to go to the movies, eat at Troika, take walks in the Old Town, read books and knit a lot. I don't know what's her 'thing' so I can't really recommend where to go or what to see. Dana, please e-mail me if you wish to discuss this in private.

The mittens are finished and delivered to the recipient with some words of wisdom how to wash them. He was very happy. Hopefully he remembers the washing instructions, I don't want him end up with doll's mittens. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of them both before he carried them off.

Before I start packing (Pfft! Next week this time I'll be in Ireland, I have lots of time!) I have to buy a big suitcase on wheels. I couldn't possibly carry everything. Tomorrow I'll go shopping and packing will begin for real.