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Thursday, August 25

August 25, 2005 Posted by Vaire

The packing is proceeding well. That is, I've managed to gather most of the small things on the table and fill a few boxes, put some yarn in ziplocs and compress a mohair duvet to amazingly tiny proportions. That last feat (compressing) was done by R, I just helped him stuff the blanket to a 4 litre ziploc. I wish I could show you a picture of the yarn and the blanket side-by-side (they are in the same size bags), but I uninstalled my image editing program already. I've been mostly putting things in small piles and the piles in boxes. Categorizing, thinking, dividing and assembling the piles. Packing the big bags comes later.

We have shaken the linens and some wool cloth outside. These are the linens that I can use and the fabric is for the new clothes I'll be sewing. Hopefully that will take care of the moth eggs that might have been there. Before shaking I checked the fabric for moth webs and larvae. They were clean! My fabric collection has been spared. Yay! It helps that it was in a different room and covered with cotton cloth. Some scraps of wool that R put on top of the pile by mistake were infested and I threw them away.

I have to wash three linen fabrics as well, somehow they ended up with dirty fingerprints on them. I know who is the culprit, but he says he has no recollection of the act. I haven't decided yet which one of linen fabrics to take with me. However, I have decided on the new time period I'll be making clothes for: 1250's. I know that I can re-use the veils I have, my belt pouch and various other small stuff; the clothing has to be made from scratch. Fortunately tunics are simple and quick, even when you're handsewing everything.

One thing will be making my life easier: I'll be using feast gear as modern tableware. That way I don't have to double the weight (pottery is heavy) and I'll get two uses out of one thing. I'll get some weird looks, that's for sure. Imagine eating your breakfast cereal out of a grapen (a tripod dish that can vary from a pot to a skillet to a bowl). I tried to find a picture on the web to show you, but all I found were of the pot variety.

I have decided to sell my Estonian SCA wardrobe. It is entirely handsewn with handmade trims and authentic moth holes. I don't know anyone who would be interested, though.

I haven't even begun packing the modern clothes, I'll get there on Saturday when I will launder everything. Then I'll make the choices of what to take.

Everything is under control, so far.