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Monday, August 29

August 29, 2005 Posted by Vaire

The flight was as uneventful as getting on it was eventful. R was helping me with the luggage, otherwise I wouldn't have made it on time or even there at all. You know how much my check-in luggage weighed? No? I'll tell you anyway. 47 kilos. Talk about overweight.

We were cutting it close time-wise and I ran (as much as I could) to the gate. The gate which was the furthest possible from the security check. I made it there all out of breath, fearing that they'll start boarding and finish it without me. When I arrived at the gate the friendly boarding clerk announced, that the boarding would begin 10 minutes late. Well, it gave me time to cool off and catch my breath. Never! Never again will I be so late to the airport! Doesn't matter if I have to wait two hours for boarding, I'll be there, taking it easy instead of running with heavy bags.

Yesterday we and a couple of friends went to see Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy. I've been fan of Douglas Adams for years now. I have not been able to see the TV series or hear the radio show, but I've enjoyed his books immensely. Dirk Gentley ones as well as Hithicker's. I liked the movie very much. Some changes were unexpected, but quite allright. I didn't like the way they did Zaphod's heads, though... I walked away from the movie with a feeling that the makers had certainly respected Adams' legacy and made the movie in his spirit.

Because I'd have a long flight and a long wait at the airport in Ireland, I decided to read the Hitchhiker's again. The only fault with the plan was that I have an omnibus edition: four books in one. It was too big to take along. On our way to the airport we dropped in a bookstore and bought me the first book again. It is a movie tie-in version which put me off a little at first (who are they to mess with Adams' writings) until I saw that those changes were his in the first place.

The first things I read were the afterword and the interviews how the movie came to be. Wow! These people took it to their hearts not to mess with the masterwork, but just pour it into another incarnation. They succeeded brilliantly.

I'm not very far into the book yet, but as always, it's a delight to read.

And now I'm in Ireland, got a local phone number and am looking for a place to stay. All's well.