An Estonian girl who has found a home in Sweden.

Thursday, June 9

June 09, 2005 Posted by Vaire

I was a bit under the weather yesterday, hence no post. After sleeping most of the day and the whole night I'm fine now.

On Tuesday R called from work and said that he has to go to his old school to pick up his grades for University application and would I like to come with him. I said I would and we met at the subway station. I didn't expect us to go anywhere else so I didn't take my camera with me. That turned out to be a serious mistake because we did go somewhere else and saw some beautiful views and incredibly cute ducklings.

The somewhere else is called Hammarby Sj√∂stad and is a brand new suburb of Stockholm. The site is in Swedish, but you'll at least can see the path near the water we walked on. Only a part of it is finished and I think it will be one of the most prestigious parts of city to live in, after the city center. Interesting architecture, lots of water, very green and nature friendly — all that made me want to live there. It would not be cheap to buy an apartment there and the 'feel' of the 'burb has not fully developed yet, it is so new. Felt friendly, fresh and young now. All-in-all, a definite possibility for our future home.

There is nothing new in knitting, job search or school application. Boring, I know.