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Wednesday, May 18

May 18, 2005 Posted by Vaire

Oh my! Someone is twisting my arm to become a regular blogger again. I had begun thinking nobody wanted to read about my boring life. Thanks for the kick in the heinie, Mitz.

Couple of weekends ago I visited my family in Tallinn, R stayed home cat-sitting. It was good to see my parents, brother and SIL again. I wanted to check the situation in Tallinn's yarn stores, so we visited several with mom. I bought a sweater's worth of Novita Nalle in black and enough Estonian 2-ply wool for a pair of Landsknecht stockings.

Not much else to report than I enjoyed my stay and my parents gave me money to buy an iPod Shuffle. I bought it in Sweden to get a warranty here also. I love it! My old CD-player was on it's last legs so I was very happy to be able to replace it. I had been wanting an iPod for quite a while and when the Shuffle came out I wanted that even more. It's physically small and the smaller model (512MB) has sufficient space for music. I don't need to carry my whole library with me, I'll just make a list of the best ones I want to listen to at the moment. Something like this is really essential for a music junkey like me.

Although I had my camera with me I didn't take many pictures I can share. There are a few old pics I have meant to put up.

Sunset with moon

A beautiful sunset with moon near R's mom's place.


Sassu. My parents have begun to call her The Bugeyes for her huge eyes.

Mao conquering heights

Mao conquering heights.



I have decided to pass on the latest Six Sox Knitalong pattern. Yes, if I finished these, I'd be in the drawing for the grand prize. But this pattern just does not inspire me. I am knitting the arrowhead lace socks instead and designing the new sweater. I also need to start knitting the Landsknecht stockings again. I have two pairs going right now and one waiting to be started. I got stuck figuring out the pattern at the foot, but I have gotten new research materials now. I should be able to figure things out and finish what I have promised so long time ago.