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Monday, November 1

November 01, 2004 Posted by Vaire

This weekend was spent on preparing for or attending R's cousins 40th birthday party. The party had an 80's theme and the guests were asked to dress accordingly.

On Friday we went shopping for the party with my sil. We found a turquoise knit dress with a hip sash and shoulder pads in a second-hand store. Then another friend joined us and we went on to buy pink pantyhose with white butterflies, atomic green leg warmers, white terry wrist band and big white plastic earrings. I haven't had so much fun for a long time. Especially because my sil was horrified by each of our choises. She took our advice in the end, we were teenagers in the 80's and she was a small child then, we had the experience and memories. I totally agree with her, though — the costume was blinding. To complete the costume she wore white shoes, a headband with pink bow and had her hair done in 80's style.

80's style

Doesn't she look smashing?

The preparations continued on Saturday and the party itself lasted well into Sunday. The rest of the Sunday was spent recuperating from the festivities.

I have knit a little meanwhile, but I'm mostly concentrating on sewing my Venetian outfit. 11 days to the event and I haven't even cut out my dress. Yikes!