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Wednesday, September 15

September 15, 2004 Posted by Vaire

Today's shop-hopping trip was a success. We went to a lot of stores, all blurred together now. If I think really hard, I could even find a couple of them again. There were fabric stores, notions stores, paper stores, crafts stores, museums and a library. I was being good and didn't buy much, only some merino wool to spin, a bottle for scented water, an envelope for a gift and a piece of the most beautiful burgundy leather for book cover. The pictures will follow when the sun shines again. I most valiantly resisted buying three or four books I really wanted, because they won't go anywhere. ... I hope.

Where was I? Ah, yes. We are planning to go to a couple of interesting museums next Tuesday because today we just visited the museum shops. We'll see if I can actually take pictures inside, some museums are touchy about photos.

I also took some pictures while we were walking around.

A fairytale castle

A fairytale castle smack in the middle of Stockholm's city center.

A secret garden

A garden beside one of the oldest bathing houses Centralbadet, built in 1904. It is a few steps off Drottninggatan, which is "the" shopping street in Stockholm.

Tonight was also the first time I went to the D-level class. I changed the time I go to school to night time*, because I'm still hoping to get the job and it felt right to change the time while changing groups. It went very well — I like the teacher and the students I met were nice, there were some linguistic challenges, but I found I can communicate in swedish now. This day has been very good, I'm tired, but happy.

* There are four basic times one can go to this sfi school: morning, day, afternoon and night. The night class begins at 6PM.