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Wednesday, September 22

September 22, 2004 Posted by Vaire

Today R begun to study Estonian, I am impressed and proud of him. There are four guys in the class, three of whom have Estonian girlfriends and one has Estonian mom. Apparently this class is very rare because there are so few people wanting to take it. R got lucky — another guy in the class has been waiting for it for two years. This English-Swedish-Estonian-Finnish mix of languages in this relationship is going to be fun and frustrating.

Yesterday at the museum I spotted something I might make for my medieval sewing kit.

Viking age thread winders

Viking age thread winders. They are not entirely correct for my 15th or 16th century persona, but they are better than nothing. The upper one is similar to the ones I've seen that have been claimed as medieval. I think they are made from leather, not wood. If I can find suitable leather and don't give in and buy some thread reels first, I might make a few.